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Northeast Stitches and Ink is a Multi Award Winning Contract Decorator.

In 1991, four partners working in the promotional products industry, decided they needed a good printer to offer decorated apparel to their line. With not many options around at that time, these 4 friends decided to take matters in to their own hands. With a loan from a relative of $1,500,  a small 4 color screen printing machine was purchased. Jim & Kindra Chamberlin and Mike and Deana Endieveri spent many hours cold calling potential customers in the Northeast for business as well as countless hours learning the ins and outs of contract decorating. Printing and selling became their existence.  Working 24/7 in a 2 family house. It did not take long before a small embroidery machine was put in the kitchen of one apartment to expand  services. All of that cold calling paid off as several larger jobs were landed and required a bigger space and more equipment. Over the last 25 years and counting, the four company founders etched out a reputation of being creative and  innovative. Northeast Stitches & Ink has won several industry awards for producing superior work and we ship all over the globe.

We are world class embroiderers and screen printers. You made the right choice by stopping to visit our site.

Send us an email at jim@nesnink.com to further discuss our capabilities and your project.

CONTRACT DECORATOR FOR:  Silk screen, Embroidery, Digital Printing, Laser Appliqué, Custom Digital Patch applique, Foil decoration, Metallic ink, Reflective Ink, Waterbase Ink, Glow in the Dark Ink. Gel Prints. Felt Appliqué, Twill Appliqué,  Torn away Appliqué, Canvas Appliqué, 3-D Embroidery, Puff Embroidery, DTG Printing, Custom Printed Appliqué Material, Digital Transfer, Screen Transfer.  Oversize Prints, Wrap Around Print,  Dye Sublimation.

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