Digital Printing

Northeast Stitches and Ink offers (DTG) “Direct to Garment Printing” as an alternative to traditional screen printing.  DTG is similar to traditonal inkjet printers in that they both move the substrate (i.e. tshirt, sweat shirt, paper, etc.) under the printheads that lay down specifically formulated inks to adhere to cotton and cotton blend Tshirts.  With the aid of a pretreat solution which is mechanically applied to the shirt before printing, DTG printers are able to print on light and dark garments and also light colored poly blends.  The quality of color and detail far exceeds traditional screen printing.
The advantages of DTG is for orders that are small in quantitiy and have designs that are full color and contain shadows, gradients and photographic elements where the number of screens neccessary would not make the job cost effective.  Another advantage is sizing of print.  Art is easily scalable to fit youth or adult shirts without having to pay for another setup of screens.
If you are looking for a lot of colors and not a lot of shirts with a quick turnaround than DTG is an option for you.  Also if the graphic representation is of the upmost importance than DTG cannot be beat with its definition and clarity.

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