Water Based Screen Printing

Water based screen printing isn’t just ordinary screen printing. It is a special decoration technique that results in a decoration you can only see and not really feel. Water based screen printing allows the ink to become a part of the garment it is being applied to instead of just adhering to the surface.

The t-shirt pictured above features a full-size water based screen print. If this logo was applied with regular screen printing, the t-shirt would feel heavy and be sticky upon wearing throughout the day. In addition, water based inks are more environmentally friendly as instead of having a plastic base, it is water based!

Water based screen printing offers a retail look for brands. We can use highly detailed designs for this decoration method. There really is no limit for the decoration capabilities here!

If you would like to see a sample so you can feel the quality of this decoration technique, have more questions or if you would like pricing please fill out the form below. Distributors only please.

1 thought on “Water Based Screen Printing

  1. Good day,

    Do you ever ship to Canada?

    Just wondering if you have a NAFTA approved garment (tshirt) that would work well for us.

    Your decoration far exceeds anything I am able to access here in Canada, but pricing needs to make sense for us.

    Sanmar here has ATC1000 shirts (their own brand) that are fantastic. Totally replacing the Gildan 2000/5000 market. Soft like an anvil shirt, but priced like the Gildan.

    Suggestions? Thoughts?


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